Copywriting vs. Content Writing: Which Career is best for you

In this blog, we’ll clarify Copywriting vs. Content Writing: Which Career is best for you. Companies that require written content usually employ either an editor or copywriter. These writers are specialized in writing marketing materials for companies. Understanding the differences between these two roles will aid your business in deciding which one is best to write your content.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of creating texts for advertising or promotion of a specific business. It’s a way to boost brand awareness and encourage people to take steps, such as buying a product. To achieve this, copywriters create content that is engaging and memorable. Copywriting clarifies a product’s strengths by arranging it from the most effective view by brainstorming innovative ideas.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the creation of written material to inform readers. Professionals in this field strive to create website traffic through SEO or search engine optimization (SEO). Content writers also aim to boost customer engagement through compelling language and relevant content. They develop specialized materials for websites and other online media. In the course of creating content, writers typically research their subject to give relevant information to readers to comprehend the subject and also to establish credibility fully.

Copywriting vs. content writing at a glance

Once you’ve learned what constitutes great copywriting and excellent content, let’s review their differences Goal. To sum up, the content conveyed while the copy makes. A copywriter convinces readers to take a specific action. In contrast, the content writer informs and educates on a subject to help establish the brand as a thought leader and create awareness.

Format of content

Copy is a short form of writing, and content is typically long-form. When you write copy, you must create unique material such as ad tags, slogans, and captions for social media that make readers want to read more.The term “content writing” refers to a wide field of work that includes types of content like ebooks, articles and video scripts, which aims to inform and instruct readers.

Buyer journey

While a content writer can write relevant content in the middle of the funnel, i.e. in the creation of brand recognition as well as engagement with customers, the job of the content writer is crucial throughout the entire buyer journey. Content writers do the foundations for creating leads. However, Copywriters usually work at the lower end of the funnel to assist in generating conversions from leads.


Copywriting is an element of the short-term plan, as is content, whereas copy is an element of the long-term advertising and business plan. The quality of copywriting may typically be evaluated in a short period, and sometimes instantly, as with advertisements or posts on social media. However, it could take 3 to 6 months to see the results in SEO-related content.


A copywriter doesn’t necessarily need an extensive understanding of SEO, but the digital content writer requires advanced SEO knowledge.

Copywriting vs. content writing: How to choose which career is best for you

Copywriting and content writing jobs are distinct, yet each type of writing has its own role within the world of advertising and marketing.

Before you focus on copywriting or content writing, think about the type of work you’d prefer to perform. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each writing career and career development aspect, and determine the one that best suits your style and preferences.

Here are five factors to think about when deciding to pursue a career in copywriting or content writing:


To choose the most suitable career between them, it is important to determine what type of writing you like. If, for instance, you enjoy writing meaty informative, insightful, and strategically specific content, then content writing could be the best option for you. Your goal is to help brands establish credibility over time.

If you prefer to be a fan of creating clear, actionable and goal-driven copywriting, Copywriting could be the right choice. Your task is to convince and push people to act immediately. But copywriting is much more than this. Imagine it as an entertaining wordplay that can be used to draw the viewers.


Finding out what interests you have isn’t enough. You must also identify and evaluate your strengths as a journalist and comprehend what you excel at. Are you aware of the way SEO functions? Do you think organic driving traffic will make you happy? Perhaps content writing is the best career option for you.

However, if you’re good at coming up with original and engaging slogans or catchy one-liners, Copywriting could be your ideal career choice. But it’s not as straightforward as it seems. They must be able to reinforce the connection between the business and its public.

Career growth

A degree in mass media, journalism marketing, communications, or journalism is the most appropriate for these professions. But, it’s not required. As a content creator with some experience, you’ll also be able to move into related jobs such as becoming an SEO expert, social media manager or creator of content. However, as a copywriter with experience, you may expect more growth as an email marketer or UX copywriter. The possibilities are numerous. It’s all about the things you love doing and what you excel at.


Naturally, money is important! The pay for both jobs differs based on experience and the location as well as location, which we’ll examine in the next section. But, as time passes, you’ll be paid more when you acquire knowledge.

Practical experiences

It’s always beneficial to acquire some real-world experiences to help you make the right choice and progress towards taking it on as a full-time job. One of the most effective methods to gain experience is completing the apprentice process. Apprenticeships offer you the chance to work alongside the business owner and get advice.

Additionally, as an apprentice at Arcadium, You will also have free access to many digital marketing classes like Content marketing, email marketing, SEO and so on. To help you advance as a copywriter or marketing career.


Regarding the differentiators we discussed above, the major distinction between copywriting and content writing is why. Although both fields appear identical, there are a lot of distinctions when taking more into. When you pursue the profession of writing content and copywriting, it’s best to be aware of the differences between these two fields.

FAQs on Copywriting vs. Content Writing: Which Career is best for you

Which is better, either copywriting or writing content?

A content writer could be more excited about the thought of enthralling readers, informing the reader and sparking conversation. Copywriters are more focused on getting the reader to take an immediately. The copywriter is more strategic and focused on getting a conversion.

Who earns more content writers or copywriters?

The average wage of a content writer in India will be INR 20000, while the average salary of a copywriter is INR 26,000. Copywriters are higher paid as content creators.

Is content writing and copywriting the same?

A copywriter is a salesperson, whereas an information writer educates

A copywriter can sell your target customers on your behalf to promote your business. However, content writers inform and entertain, educate or guide readers.

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