Top 5 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with an abundance of natural and historical treasures. A place with stunning views and amazing destinations is something you must see at least once in your life. For your journey, here’s an overview Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan. Be sure to add a few of them to your travel itinerary before your trip to Pakistan.

Hunza Valley

In Gilgit Baltistan, the Hunza Valley is among Pakistan’s most treasured gems. The valley is isolated and is situated in between the Himalayas as well as the Karakoram mountain ranges.

It is among the top Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan due to its lush agricultural land. In this area, you will find Ibexes, markhors, ounces, and Red Foxes. Within this valley, a stunning view is waiting for you. The people are friendly and welcoming.


Go north to experience some of the most breathtaking landscapes and adventures the country offers. Begin your journey with Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) it is an extremely popular destination for those looking for a variety of experiences, but not confined to one area.

GB is the northernmost part of Pakistan has a variety of mountain peaks that exceed 6000m (20,000ft) and including the well-known K-2 as well as Nanga Parbat. Shandur the world’s most polo-like ground is also found here and is also home to the turquoise-colored Attabad Lake in Hunza Valley which was formed after the landslide of the year 2010.

The bare-skin Deosai National Park, located predominantly within the Skardu District, is a 4,114-meter (13,497ft) paradise brimming with wildlife and flora which is only accessible in summer.

Skiers can take a trip to Naltar Ski Resort. Naltar Ski Resort and keen campers can hike through the beautiful Fairy Meadows.


With turquoise water, towering mountains, stunning lakes, and hospitable residents, Skardu has it all. Spend a few hours exploring the stunning Kachhura Village, Shangri-la Resort, and the dunes that surround Katpana village.

Experience a breathtaking view of the sunset and sunrise across the Indus River. To understand the history of the area takes a trip to the older Kharpocho Fort.

Shopping and eating at Skardu Bazaar is a must. There are some great local items to give your family and friends at home.

If you’re fond of hiking, you’ll be able to assist in traversing the glaciers and to the basecamps of some of the most awe-inspiring mountains on earth like K2.

The perfect vacation would not end without a trip to the fantastical Deosai National Park and Satpara Lake.


The charming city of Islamabad the capital of Pakistan is a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy a tour. The city is lush everywhere, with gorgeous highways and roads as well as uncluttered, peaceful, and peaceful surroundings.

You’ll enjoy exploring the city that is moderately populated. The cultural heritage sites such as Pakistan Monument, Lok Virsa Museum along with Faisal mosque are well-known spots. You can also take a stroll along the trails of hiking in the stunning and heavily forest-covered Margalla Hills and then drive to Monal on the summit. There are stunning views across Islamabad along with the surroundings from there.

Islamabad offers a variety of options for foodies. If you’re looking to savor the best continental and Chinese dishes, or you want to take a look at Pakistani, American, English, or Italian cuisine, the restaurants in Islamabad offer them all.

Many visitors are in love with the stunning Lake View Park and Shakarparian as well as the tiny but stunning Saidpur Village.

The most popular shopping destinations within Islamabad include Centaurus Mall as well as Safa Gold Mall.

Kalash Valleys

Pakistan’s Kalash Valleys, comprised of Bumburet, Birir, and Rumbur are hidden gems, surrounded by the stunning Hindu Kush mountain range, which is a component of the Himalayas. The rocky peaks are strewn by juniper scrubs and Birch, which provide stunning natural views.

The valleys are renowned for their beautiful inhabitants as well as their natural beauty. The Kalash are believed to be descendants of Alexander the Great’s army, the Kalash are people of the animist religion, an ethnic minority, and not Muslims living in wooden houses that dot the hills of the mountains. The women are well-known for their vibrant traditional attire and headpieces that you can only find in this area of Pakistan.

Car rentals and jeeps take tourists easily to the remote Kalash Valleys in Chitral, 2.5 hours away. Bumburet is the largest valley and is popular with Pakistan tourists. Rumor And Birir are not as developed and are very popular with foreign visitors.

Explore the locally owned Kalasha Dur museum located in Bumburet It is a charming tourist attraction that offers all the details you need to travel through the beautiful valleys.

The ideal moment to go and visit Kalash Valleys is when they are celebrating one of their most cherished celebrations. Chilean Joshi is held in May, Uchau is celebrated in the fall and Choimus lasts for two weeks during when the solstice falls. Visitors are always amazed by the colorful costumes, rituals and drinks, and dancing.


Concordia is a heaven for mountaineers and mountaineers alike. It is located in the extreme north of America near the border between the country and China.

The majority of people are unaware of the Pakistani claim to fame of being home to five of the top 14 summits on earth.

From the vantage point offered by this stunning spot, Concordia Tourists can see the five most awe-inspiring of the world’s peaks.

It is an incredible vantage point from which to view the world and an incredible photo opportunity that is not to miss while taking an excursion across Pakistan.

Are you sure that Pakistan secures for travel?

At present, Pakistan is considered to be a safe and secure place to visit! The majority of conflicts from the past have been resolved and the threat of terrorism has decreased however some areas in remote areas could be a bit risky. Conduct thorough research before you go, check with the hostel or hotel in the area.

Which areas should travelers avoid in Pakistan?


Important areas that must be avoided while traveling in Pakistan should be avoided. These include Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir, Swat, Tank, and Northern as well as Southern Waziristan areas. To see the complete list, click the following link.

Which city is the most beautiful in Pakistan?


Islamabad is regarded as among the top cities in Pakistan. The year 2015 was the time that Islamabad has been voted on the list of most stunning capital cities around the globe.

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