10 Best WordPress Featured Image Plugins to Use in 2022

Are you looking for the most effective WordPress Featured Image Plugins for your website? From showing videos and images as blog entries, WooCommerce products and many more gallery plugins are much more adaptable than you imagine at first.

This article has put together the top alternatives for different scenarios. Some offer an easy method to create stunning photo galleries with only a few clicks. Others are better suited for photographers seeking an easier method of working with their clients or to market their work.

Some go further than photographs and will assist you in displaying specific content, including your most recent blog posts, WooCommerce products staff members, upcoming events, and much more.

Whatever you’re looking to achieve, There’s a solution for you on our top list of WordPress gallery plugins.

Let’s jump right into WordPress Featured Image Plugins.

List of top 10 WordPress Featured Image Plugins

Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin

One of the coolest WordPress thumbnail plugins available is Regenerate Thumbnails. It allows you to divide or create groups of thumbnail sizes for images and images that you have previously added to the Media Library.

Since WordPress doesn’t scale images automatically, those you previously uploaded aren’t changed when you change themes or your Post Thumbnail size.

And in this scenario, the mere effort to alter and modify each one of these images will not be the most exciting thing ever. This is the situation where Regenerate Thumbnails comes in and provides the best solution.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with nearly all WordPress themes that are available. It is compatible with almost all of the available WordPress
  • It could additionally be utilized to rapidly eliminate outdated or unneeded thumbnails from your site to free up server space.
  • Even though it’s completely free, it offers substantial value.
  • The process and the steps to follow to be able to act are relatively easy to follow.

Dynamic Featured Image Plugin

Its Dynamic Featured Image plugin, available for WordPress, is an excellent and unique thumbnail plugin because it doesn’t limit users to just one thumbnail, with the standard WordPress image feature.

It is among the most effective and valuable plugins on the market that offer this type of function as of the date of writing. Also, it is the most frequently used plugin of its type.

Key Features:

  • You can include numerous featured images on one post or a page
  • Images can be uploaded without the need to code or programming abilities
  • amazing support team
  • Integrate graphics into your theme

Quick Featured Images Plugin

Quick Featured Photos is a beautiful WordPress plugin that allows users to edit in large numbers and large numbers. You can modify, remove or add featured photos as thumbnails to your site.

It was explicitly designed to help people with many featured images managed in a short amount of time. This is especially true for sites with huge websites. Quick Featured Photos is a good solution in these circumstances.

You can edit, write or remove the content in just a few minutes. You may also choose the featured photos to be featured in future posts.

Key Features:

  • Filter options that can be configured to enable you to restrict access and activity to specific pages and posts.
  • The software is accessible in a range of languages.
  • You can change, add the featured photo, or even remove it in a single click.
  • Tools to replace the images with a different ones.

Quick Featured Images

With the capability of managing many featured thumbnails, quick featured images would be a great solution to cut time dramatically. You can make, edit or delete them in a matter of minutes and then set featured images for subsequent posts.


  • Flexible filters that restrict activity to specific pages and posts.
  • Replace, add or remove images that are featured by clicking
  • Options to replace default images
  • Available in several languages
  • and much more.

featured image from the URL

Another powerful WordPress feature image plugin we’d like to recommend is¬†Featured Image from URL.¬†Featuring professional functions for managing featured images, it’s one of the most effective plugins for getting the thumbnails of your posts quickly.


  • Possibility to include an external image as the featured image
  • Add or remove images from the featured image automatically
  • Perform smoothly even with strange URLs for images
  • Compatible with WooCommerce import

Dynamic WordPress Featured Image Plugin

Dynamic Featured Pictures has been voted one of the top WordPress featured image plugins due to its impressive features. You can add any number of images you want without writing any code.


  • The ability to feature multiple images on one page or post.
  • Include images without the need for code
  • Include images within your theme

Featured Images in RSS for Mailchimp & Other Email

Featured Image in RSS was designed by a group of people in San Diego and has been used over 30.000 times, with positive reviews. This plugin is the perfect solution for those who struggled to set featured images for Mailchimp. It is also compatible when working with services that utilize RSS feeds.


  • The ability to select different sizes
  • Possibility to select image position
  • Create space between the images and body content.

Default WordPress Featured Image Plugin

If you’re searching for an easy and efficient plugin for adding an image featured on your blog posts or pages, the Default featured image might be a suitable choice for you. It is simple to use in just a few clicks; it can help you avoid numerous headaches and give you incredible results.


  • Show the Default featured image when using the default WordPress functions
  • Ability to present a distinct image for different categories
  • Eliminate feature images from the page you want to exclude
  • and many more.

Display Featured Image for Genesis

Show Featured Images for Genesis uses a different method of displaying the Default featured images. Instead of simply reusing an already-existing image within the post or page, it uses a different approach. WordPress’s highlighted image feature suggests that you’ll need to use stunning images to display your featured images in line with your posted content.


  • Ability to select the Default or fallback image in the taxonomy
  • It provides a few styles of minimalism for banners or titles.
  • Add a featured image to the feed via RSS.


The collection is complete! We hope you will locate the perfect plugin to create thumbnails for your pages and posts! If this article is helpful to you, please pass it along to a friend. This is a great source for free WordPress themes that you can browse through many unique themes on your websites!

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